Dean (Henry Jaglom) is a maverick American film director surprised that his most recent film has been chosen as the Official U.S. Entry at the Venice Film Festival. A beautiful French journalist (Nelly Alard) arrives at the festival with the apparent intention of interviewing the unique and eccentric filmmaker. In the midst of all the festival madness, she is forced to confront the wide divergence between things as they really are and things as they seem to be—both onscreen and off. And so, finally, are we. Shot half in Venice, Italy and half in Venice, California, VENICE/VENICE looks at the profound effect movies have had—and continue to have—on our lives, our loves and our dreams of romance.


Nelly Alard, Henry Jaglom, Suzanne Bertish, Melissa Leo, Daphna Kastner, David Duchovny,
Diane Salinger and John Landis.

1992 108 min. Color R