Someone to Love


Someone to Love, centers around a movie director’s (Henry Jaglom) puzzled search for romance and his attempt to find out why life and love haven’t worked out quite like anyone expected. Aiding in his quest on this very special Valentine’s Day are his non live-in girlfriend (Andrea Marcovicci), his brother (Michael Emil), a famous actress (Sally Kellerman), and his old friend and mentor (Orson Welles). Welles talks about men, women, love and his movies, summing up the wit and wisdom of a lifetime, as if he somehow knew this was to be his final screen role!


Orson Welles, Henry Jaglom, Sally Kellerman, Michael Emil, Andrea Marcovicci, Oja Kodar. Introducing Dave Frishberg and Stephan Bishop.

1988 110 min. Color R