Sitting Ducks


Two small-time thieves (Michael Emil & Zack Norman) come together as a bizarre comic duo in a quest to make their childhood dreams come true. In a limousine stuffed with cash stolen from the mob, they take off for Miami, where they plan to fly to a safe haven in Costa Rica. On the road they pick up a singer/chauffeur (Richard Romanus) plus two unlikely women they meet in a Holiday Inn (Patrice Townsend and Irene Forrest). Then the fun begins! A zany, hilarious, screwball road comedy about sex, money and vitamins, WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL CAST WHO DELIVER COMIC PERFORMANCES OF MANIC PERFECTION!


Michael Emil, Zack Norman, Irene Forrest, Richard Romanus, Henry Jaglom. Introducing
Patrice Townsend.

1980 90 min. Color R