Hollywood Dreams


“Set in the City of Angeles and featuring wonderful performances by David Proval, Karen Black, Zack Norman, Melissa Leo, and Keaton Simons, Hollywood Dreams spins the tale of a young girl fresh off the bus from Iowa (The astonishing Tanna Frederick), who falls in love with a sexy and promising young actor (Justin Kirk), though their relationship threatens to complicate her> own obsessive goal of becoming a famous actress. The film perfectly captures the delightful and desperate lives of those chasing dreams in Hollywood: One day they are shuffling down a boardwalk with too many suitcases, and the next they are lounging in contemporary hillside homes with a view of the city. Though neither state is permanent, the more desirable one fuels the dream.

The story’s extraordinary execution portrays Hollywood as the fantastic and insane place that it is. Only director Henry Jaglom could capture this classic story with such a deliberate and intense style that is feels entirely new.”



Tanna Frederick, Justin Kirk, Karen Black, Melissa Leo, Zack Norman, David Proval, Keaton Simons,
Sally Kirkland, F.X. Feeny, Jon Robin Baitz and Eric Roberts.

2007 100 min. Color R