On the occasion of her 40th birthday, Helene (Lisa Richards) has decided to throw herself a birthday party at her home and to invite several of her closest friends as well as her mother (Frances Bergen). Since one of those friends, Kate (Mary Crosby), has just turned 30, and another, Sadie (Marlena Giovi), is about to turn 50, Helene expands the party to make it a three-way affair, inviting Kate and Sadie’s friends to join in the celebration. Also present is Martine (Nelly Alard), a houseguest of Helene’s from Paris, who is making a documentary for French television.

As the day progresses we start to realize that something much more significant and meaningful than just a birthday party is taking place. For as different as these women are from one another, they all share one thing: The unique and powerful role that food plays in each one of their lives. As one woman puts it: “I’m still looking for a man who can excite me as much as a baked potato!”


Nelly Alard, Frances Bergen, Mary Crosby, Lisa Richards, Gwen Welles, Daphna Kastner, Elizabeth Kemp, Marlena Giovi and Marina Gregory.

1991 110 min. Color R