The subtitle to Babyfever tells it all: For Those Who Hear Their Clock Ticking. This film addresses a pertinent issue for contemporary women—how does a woman balance her desire to have a family and career—while her biological time clock is ticking away. We follow the dilemma of Gena (Victoria Foyt in her critically acclaimed debut) as she careens between her “safe but secure” yuppie boyfriend James (Matt Salinger) and her reawakened feelings towards a dynamic but dangerous old flame Anthony (Eric Roberts) who suddenly re-enters her life with a most surprising proposition. Gena attends a co-worker’s baby shower, where we meet a diverse group of women in their 30’s and 40’s who share with us their complex feelings about having a baby in the 90’s. Often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, BABYFEVER is, in the words of one critic: “A MUST SEE FOR EVERY WOMAN AND EVERY MAN!”


introducing Victoria Foyt. With Francis Fisher, Elaine Kagan, Dinah Lenny, Zack Norman, Matt Salinger and Eric Roberts.

1993 110 min. Color R